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MALMED confirmed for "Free Press": Ivermectin has arrived in Macedonia

The drug Ivermectin from tomorrow or the day after tomorrow will be available in pharmacies across the country, confirmed for Free Press the director of the Agency for Drugs and Medical Devices MALMED, Lirim Shabani.

This is a new hope for the treatment of Covid 19, because it is a preparation that in all studies has shown excellent results, especially if given in the first days of the disease, but under strict medical supervision. The health authorities appeal to the citizens not to buy Ivermectin and not to use it on their own.

Ivermectin has arrived in Macedonia. Today in the Ministry of Health, the sale price will be determined. We managed to bring it this weekend. With a standard procedure we translated the user manual for the companies and we speeded it up and finished it. "I expect the Ministry of Health to determine the price of the medicine today and it will be available in pharmacies from tomorrow, " Shabani told us.

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Ivermectin is an antiparasitic drug that has not been registered in the country so far, except for use in animals. But now it will also be used for humans, for oral use.

The expert commission formed by the Minister of Health Venko Filipce , confirmed that this antiparasitic drug with a wide range of action, high efficiency and extremely high safety has proven to be good. It was first used for human treatment in 1987, and in the last three decades it has been prescribed in 3.7 billion doses worldwide with no, or insignificant, side effects. Used to eliminate head lice.

It is available in several forms, but only oral use is allowed for humans. In the last few decades, ivermectin has also been shown to be highly effective against a range of viruses such as HIV, dengue, West Nile virus and other RNA and DNA viruses.

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It is a proven safe drug that is already included in the protocol for treatment of patients with covidium 19 which is adopted by the expert collegium of the PHI University Clinic for Pulmonology and Allergology and covidium 19 centers in the internal medicine block. Until now, the citizens have procured this medicine on their own responsibility from Greece, where it costs 10 euros.

Ivermectin is also used in hospitals in Bulgaria for the treatment of patients with covidium 19. It is especially important to know that the drug for veterinary use can not be used for humans because in addition to the active substance, it also contains additional excipients. On April 10, 2020, the US Food and Drug Administration issued a guideline not to use veterinary ivermectin for the treatment of covidium 19 in humans, as it can be seriously harmful.

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In early December, three top US doctors held a press conference at which they made a dramatic appeal for ivermectin to be approved for both treatment and prevention after contact with a patient with covidium 19. They proposed a protocol for the use of the drug, which they called And Musk, in which ivermectin is a pillar, along with wearing a mask and taking vitamins.

The drug, according to Dr. Dragan Danilovski, is extremely effective in covidium 19 before exposure to the virus, ie as prevention, after exposure to the virus but also in the past stage of the disease. Microbiologist Nikola Panovski also alerted during the pandemic that Ivermectin should be introduced in Macedonia, citing scientific studies and world experience.

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