Files to pick

Few remarks.

Terminal build 225 will not have history files(it cannot connect to server-old version), so you have copy them from existing terminal. They are necessary for backtest to operate.

Tick conversion scripts have to run in logged-in terminal because they have to read market parameters.

How to backtest renko?

To backtest on renko chart you need recorded data, Metatrader  4 platform version 225, multiloader, conversion to FXT file scripts and that is it.

First you have to get yourself some data. You can get it from Dukascopy website. Or you can use my tick recorder and record your own.

If you get Dukascopy then you use Dukas2FXT_renko script (corrected version 5) to create FXT file, if you record your own using my tick recorder, you use

TIC2FXT_renko script (corrected version 5).

Those scripts create FXT file which your terminal is using for back testing. It must be build 225 because you are going to use multiloader which works only with this version.

Multiloaders main task is to disable FXT file recalculation, you don't want terminal to simulate ticks out of 1M chart, you want real ticks.

It also enables use of real spread, not current spread it read from server while you are back testing.

You install build 225, then you place multiloader in installation directory. You start your terminal by opening multiloader.

To create FXT file you drop FXT creating script on appropriate symbol and time frame chart, it will create FXT file which contains renko chart created from you data.

That file is placed in experts\files and attempt is made to copy it to tester\history folder. If copying fails it will let you know and you have to copy it manually.

After that you just run back test on that timeframe and symbol, it will be on renko chart.

There is limitation to size of FXT file which is 2GB, so most likely you won't be able to run test for 10 yrs data, maybe couple.

Renko chart will be real one, no perfect blocks (that would mean artificial data), but it is renko.

Cheers Jake